~The Study~

The musty smell of old books. Its the most pervasive thing in the room. Looking around its probably due to the floor to ceiling shelves that house a respectable collection of the things. A desk takes up the north side of the room with a velvet cushioned high back chair sat behind it. A rolling ladder rests against the wall of books to the east, a darkened fireplace occupies the west wall, and a door the south.

Oddly, its seems the door to the south is painted onto the stone wall. Doubly odd because it appears to be the only entrance or exit to the room! The longer you look at the painted on door the more the paint seems to shift and warp until eventually it seems to spell out a name in the gnarled wood it depicts: Aria.

A large standing table is placed in the center of the room strewn with documents and tomes. Looking at the shelves you spy myriads of leather bound spines, some brown, some blue, others red, even purple.

Lastly a large couch lounges before the cold fireplace, a good place to read when a fire is lit no doubt.