Well, well aren't we persistant! It would be cruel not to reward such tenacity, why not take a sneak peek...

~Welcome to Amirhyl!~

This is the start of a journey! Through a wonderous, ever-growing, ever-changing world of treaures mystical and dangerous, sights fantastic and magical, and mysteries gripping and elusive. It will take all your skills and powers as a traveller of the aether to navigate the halls of Amirhyl. Not every option or item will be as forthcoming as others. Try every trick you have, you never know, it might just work!

Be forwarned not all portals are made equal, an alchemist working on his desk top may discover more than a squire scrolling his scroll. And be careful not lose your cookie jar, or you will discover some encounters may have wound themselves back in time!

For now, the doors to Amirhyl are yet to be opened but do come back soon to see its wonders first hand!